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From Street Corner Peddler to Global Kingpin - Get Hustling in Online Drug Dealing Simulator ‘Underworld: Drug Lords’ Now Available on Google Play

Build up a Multi-Billion Dollar Criminal Empire in A-Steroids Location Based Street Resource Management Release!

Internationally operating indie game studio A-Steroids announced that their newest online free-to-play mobile drug dealing simulator Underworld: Drug Lords, a full scale sequel to the original title created back in 2008, is now available on Google Play. Players start off as a corner street hustler, buying cheap merchandise from local drug labs, and selling for profit to junkies and other live dealers, simultaneously building respect on the street level. Rank up from a small time street peddler to a global drug kingpin, using money, power and influence to build your multi-billion criminal empire. To download Underworld: Drug Lords visit:

“We are thrilled that after having so many obstacles on our way we finally managed to bring Underworld: Drug Lords to life”, said Andrey Podoprigora, founder and CEO of A-Steroids. “Having been on the Google Play for only a month we are excited to have attracted over 100k active users which makes competition at location-enriched leaderboards that much more fierce.”

Optimised for Android devices and designed with location-based mechanics, Underworld: Drug Lords is a resource-management game that allows players to trade with real live people as they chat online with local dealers to negotiate the best prices. As players move up the dealing hierarchy, they hire runners and bookkeepers to increase volume and launder dirty cash. Bribe the police with hard cash or use gadgets and accessories to wiretap police radio to avoid unwanted busts. Likewise, buy warehouses and business fronts to increase storage and divert attention.

Make your way to the top of the drug food chain, as you compete to be the most prominent pusher of the hood in location-enriched leaderboards. Compete mercilessly with friends or in a team to build your underworld empire from a local peddler to country drug baron and ultimately move to the overseas market and dominate the world.

From Underworld: Drug Lords to Underworld: SweetDeal - The History of the Franchise

The original Underworld: Drug Lords was released in 2008 during the smartphone explosion. After the English press debates its controversial drug-focused content in both the gaming and mainstream media, the original Underworld: Drug Lords was rejected by the App Store. Finally A-Steroids swapped drugs for candy with LSD turning into donuts, ecstasy transforming into lollipops and cocaine changing into chocolate waffles and Underworld: SweetDeal was launched on the App Store in April 2009.

Consequently,the sequel Underworld: Drug Lords is currently available only on Google Play with an adapted theme for the iOS version named Underworld: Sugar Wars, launching in the following weeks.

For more information about Underworld: Drug Lords visit:

Check out the Facebook page:

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Videogame Streaming Update


(Credit:, Nintendo, Iwata-san)

So, I have been kicking around the idea of doing a videogame stream either nightly or every Friday depending on life situations.

My Girlfriend and I do game frequently so I am thinking of making this a continuing occurrence.

Now the other day Steam was having a big Warner Bros Interactive sale so I did find some money and picked up all the Lego games that WB I published so there are those games I can stream with 2-player action. I do have several upon several other games to play either PC, PS4, PS3, Wii / Wii U, Xbox 360. However, I may have to figure something out, as I do not have a HDMI capture device. I have the old school Hauppauge HD PVR and that complicates things as I have moved to all HDMI connections. Of course, other than PC that I use OBS with and the streaming built in to the PS4.

Just thought I would throw out some ideas.

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The Only Official Slender Man Game, Slender: The Arrival Launches on PlayStation®3 Today and Xbox 360 Tomorrow

Experience the Struggle of a Family Cursed, a Woman Lost And the Story that Links them All

The wait is over, HE is here. Slender: The Arrival, launches today on PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Tomorrow, Xbox fans will have their chance to experience The Arrival on Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft; both are priced at $9.99. Slender Man takes to the big screen with his first foray into the world of console gaming, promising big thrills and chills for a whole new audience.

Developed by Toronto indie team Blue Isle Studios and the only official Slender Man game, The Arrival puts you at the heart of a mystery surrounding the enigmatic Internet persona that has captivated and terrorized millions. Experience lives touched by Slender Man and follow the trail to connect them all to this unstoppable force of evil. Slender: The Arrival wraps players in a dark, foreboding atmosphere and a story fraught with terror, paranoia and other-worldly forces lurking behind every turn.

Written by the creative team behind Marble Hornets, this latest iteration in the Slender Man universe expands the canon established by the original web-series, with some new twists and extended content. Building on the successful Steam launch last Halloween, Slender: The Arrival comes to consoles with brand new story elements and features extended levels that continue to unfold the Slender Man mythos. Players are enveloped in a world of sensory deprivation filled with haunting visions and audio cues that create an ominous backdrop perfect for fostering a healthy dose of tension and paranoia. Follow the clues and unravel the mystery, that is, if you can survive.

The new content will be offered to Steam and PC players who already ownSlender: The Arrival at no additional charge as free DLC. More information about this offering will be announced in the coming weeks.

Slender: The Arrival is rated T for Teen and is available starting today on PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system for $9.99 digital download from the PlayStation®Network, and tomorrow (September 24) on Xbox 360 for $9.99 digital download from the Xbox Live Games Store.

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SEGA® of America, Inc. and  SEGA® Europe, Ltd. today announced that  fan-favorite Japanese role-playing-game (RPG) Resonance of Fate™  is now available for purchase for the first time on PlayStation® Network for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.  Resonance of Fate is a unique RPG set in a dystopian future where Earth is no longer capable of sustaining life. Adding a fresh spin to the RPG genre, the game features a cinematic action gameplay system centered around gun-play and a fascinating steampunk-styled world.

As part of the Private Military Firm, our heroes (Vashyron, Zephyr and Leanne) seek out and complete quests for their clients but are eventually led on a journey that will reveal the dark secrets behind the world they live in. Key features of the game include:  

  • Battle System: Battle in fantastic cinematic action as your characters wield firearms in a semi-real time gameplay system
  • Hero Actions: Pull off spectacular moves and precision attacks through this special mode designed to chain attacks together
  • Unique Story: Built around a gigantic tower-like machine, the story will delve deep into fate and the machinery that controls it
  • Beautiful environments: Masterfully crafted environments pepper this title to illustrate the deep tapestry of this dystopian world
  • Customization: Customize your characters and give them a unique look within the game
  • Extensive Weapon customization allows your character to have specialized weapons from parts unlocked or bought throughout the game

Change the look of your character by unlocking costumes along the way.

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99Seconds Wii U Release Date Details with Trailer

Another Day rolls around and EnjoyUp pimpslaps our email box with another release this time about 99Seconds for the Wii U.

99Seconds will be released on Thursday October 2nd 2014 on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Wii U and will cost $2.49 in the US and 2.49€ in Europe.

Here is more about the game followed by the Trailer

The saga continues after 99Bullets. Now your problem isn’t the number of bullets, rather the amount of time.

99Seconds, a fun, retro-style video game, where you can modify time to avoid all kinds of dangers.

After finishing off Black Eye, V-99 entered a mysterious zone called Bit 8, without knowing why V-99 could modify time, slow it down and even stop it. But everything became complicated with the appearance of the BLACK VECTORS: mysterious beings that aim to destroy any intruder who reaches Bit 8.

* 5 Players in Arcade and Survival mode!

* Control V-99, dodging, using SLOW DOWN to slow, stop and even go back in time!

* Arcade mobility like in the classic arcade games!

* Retro-style levels!

* Incredible enemy patterns!

* 60 Images per second in 1080p.

* Online Ranking.

* Off-TV.

The concept of 99Seconds is to survive using SlowDown to control time and avoid the enemies. Blue Energies will appear during the game that will give you extra time. When the time reaches zero, you will not have the SlowDown power, and if you are hit, you will be defeated.

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Yes, I want to wear Slime underwear ⊟

These are lots of fun, if you idea of of fun is dressing up your bits in Slime faces. I didn’t see any of these available to purchase at any U.S. online retailer (admittedly I spent only 2 minutes of my Sunday looking), but you can get the booty Slime one — it’s separate from boxer briefs with King Slime on the front — at eBay. Shout-outs to Rahenna for the find!

BUY Dragon Quest games, upcoming games


Finally, it has happened. Your desire to wear Slime underwear has become reality!!