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Yes, I want to wear Slime underwear ⊟

These are lots of fun, if you idea of of fun is dressing up your bits in Slime faces. I didn’t see any of these available to purchase at any U.S. online retailer (admittedly I spent only 2 minutes of my Sunday looking), but you can get the booty Slime one — it’s separate from boxer briefs with King Slime on the front — at eBay. Shout-outs to Rahenna for the find!

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Finally, it has happened. Your desire to wear Slime underwear has become reality!!

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New Bloodborne Trailer Makes Me Wish I Had a Time Machine Because I Need This Now

TGS is delivering is spades this year. I don’t know what they put in the drinking water in Japan this year but bless their hearts. Bloodborne from SCEJ and FROM SOFTWARE is looking like the Nightmare Creatures game I always wanted and never got. Thank you based Miyazaki.